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In 1956 the Jacuzzi brothers invented the original hydrotherapy jet, today with 60 years’ experience in hydrotherapy: Jacuzzi® is the brand when you are looking for a hot tub or bathroom products.

Starting with hot tubs, every Jacuzzi® hot tub is designed to improve your lifestyle and offer a better way of taking care of yourself, and is engineered to deliver advanced hydrotherapy combined with patented jet technology to deliver a truly unique hot tub experience. From whirlpool baths through to steam shower cabins, every Jacuzzi® bathroom product has been developed to inspire the highest sense of wellness, providing a real unique experience. As the world’s leading innovator of whirlpool baths and bathroom products, Jacuzzi® is always looking to introduce new ideas and concepts whilst pushing the boundaries of design.

Jacuzzi® Europe S.P.A. is part of the Jacuzzi® Brands Corporation, a global organisation with more than 300 original patents and thousands of employees, who speak different languages but all share one vision: excellence in wellness.


Commercial, Hospitality-Contract

Hospitality and wellness is a winning combination and the excellence of Jacuzzi® and the pleasure of benefiting from its products enhances and heightens the enjoyment of your guests throughout the duration of their visit.

Jacuzzi® products and treatments are inspired by the highest sense of wellness and offer your clients a unique experience. Entering into a partnership with Jacuzzi® is a guarantee of success through new types of clients, increased occupancy rates and the ability to charge a premium.

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs

Jacuzzi® hot tubs are the most complete and versatile synthesis of wellbeing. Its exclusive lines offer a vast choice based on the space available, on the type of use and on your aesthetic requirements.

Jacuzzi® Bathrooms

Wellness takes shape with Jacuzzi®. When a range of products is inspired by the highest sense of wellness, a collection of real and unique experiences is born: very personal experiences that are felt on one’s skin, experiences in which one can immerse oneself to recover the pleasure of self care. For Jacuzzi®, this is the real meaning of wellness: the choice of experiencing one’s spaces, even the most intimate ones, as a pursuit and an expression of one’s lifestyle. The experience of Jacuzzi® reaches its perfect dimension only when wellness takes shape.

Jacuzzi® Wellness World

The Jacuzzi® wellness world is inspired by the highest concept of well-being and expresses itself in a collection of unique experiences to be enjoyed individually. Rediscover the gestures of forgotten rituals and transform your home or your hotel into space a dedicated to selfcare.

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