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Passionate about homes and quality by vocation: two key features that have marked Artceram’s path as a company in the pre-eminent ceramic district of Civita Castellana since 1987. This was the context where Valentino Brunelli began his activity. But with the dawn of the 2000’s the Artceram identified its strategic growth impulse and success of its brand in Italy and worldwide thanks to the perfect harmony between design, practicality and innovation and values. Today, in a completely different perspective on life and home concept, Artceram – led by Mr Alberto Brunelli – has achieved success as a contemporary iconic company that produces culture.

Business mentality based on a “made in Italy” concept, social responsibility, care of details and respect for relationships with its interlocutors: these are the fundamental values of Artceram’s production strategy and growth policy. Enhanced production lines, revised working hours to improve workers quality of life, use of nanotechnology and water-saving raw materials that are extremely pure are the factors that lead to the making of high-quality products. Elegance and technological research, design and respect for manual work characterize Artceram trend-making products.

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