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Fima Carlo Frattini has the possibility to offer the widest range of solutions for any bathroom ambience. The quality of the materials, the creativity, the elegant and innovative design with minimalistic or sophisticated lines. A perfect balance between design, technology and quality.

Fima is an Italian company, it has been around for three generations and is rooted in an industrialised territory, yet preserves a distinct artisan approach. The company is constantly on the look-out for materials with the best quality-price ratio, while optimising processes for reducing energy and material consumption and striving to identify areas of improvement along the production chain.

The Fima Research Centre, a dynamic blend of experimentation and technology, is open to any new developments in the sector regarding processing systems, finishes, optimisation of resources and eco-sustainability.

The aim of FIMA Carlo Frattini is a global approach to the quality, coming from a particular attention to technological innovation, by using advanced industrial processes and choosing the best row materials. All products undergo an attentive quality control in each phase of the production and are designed to meet the highest international standards.

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